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WWE Raw Review 7/20/20

24 hours after The Horror Show at Extreme Rules, Monday Night Raw takes a stab at working off a lack-luster Pay-Per-View and builds towards the summer’s biggest event, Summerslam. Seth Rollins describes his mindset after defeating Rey Mysterio in an Eye for an Eye match. The Hurt Business officially adds a new member. Peyton Royce of The IIconics continues her feud with Ruby Riott.

The Street Profits return to face off against Andrade and Angel Garza. Bayley and Sasha Banks celebrate their “victory” over Asuka at Extreme Rules. Also, The Big Show finally gets his hands on Randy Orton as they battle in an unsanctioned match.

Let's get into it.

Seth Rollins Gives His Thoughts to Open Raw

After Seth Rollins's victory at Extreme Rules, it has been reported that Mysterio has suffered Globe Luxation. The optic nerve is still connected and will be able to maintain his sight in time. Rollins says that what happened will stay with him for the rest of his life. He has been asked multiple times if he regrets what he’s done. He replies to that with another question, Does the WWE Universe regret what they did to Seth Rollins?

Rollins can’t afford to dwell in the past now that Mysterio is out of sight. Aleister Black enters as he has a match with Seth Rollins next. Black says that there is no one to blame but Seth Rollins for what happened at Extreme Rules. Black is here to rectify the situation.

Murphy attacks Black as he makes his way down the entrance ramp. Black gains the advantage over Murphy slamming him into the steel steps, plexiglass, and over the announce table.


Great promo to open the show. When Rollins asks if the WWE Universe regrets what they have done, the realism in that question rings true. After Hell in a Cell when he faced The Fiend, Rollins had to turn heel after how The Fiend was received. The way truth is weaved through this promo was done very well.

The match at Extreme Rules was reportedly supposed to have more effect but Vince McMahon scrapped it and for the match, we saw on Sunday after “hating” the original product.

Aleister Black vs Seth Rollins w/ Murphy

After Aleister Black finishes with Murphy, he enters the ring to face Seth Rollins in a match. Rollins is in control until action falls outside where Black connects with strong strikes. Rollins works the right arm of Black that will affect him through the rest of the match. Murphy distracts on the apron allowing for Rollins to try for the curb stomp. Rollins misses and Murphy connects with the Black Mass. Murphy enters the ring allowing for Rollins to roll away before Black can pin.

Black sets up for Black Mass again just to be rolled-up. Black escapes just to be caught with a superkick. Rollins works the arm again dropping Black back to the mat. A curb stomp finishes Black.

Seth Rollins beats Aleister Black in his first match after Extreme Rules. After the match, Rollins and Murphy return to the ring to attack Black. Rollins curb stomps the arm of Black on the hood of the announce table.


Solid match between the two. The ending added the cherry on top as the arm was a huge target through the match. Can’t wait for the arm for an arm match at Summerslam, just kidding. Seth Rollins doesn’t have a direction to go here. A feud with Aleister Black and Humberto Carillo doesn’t mean much if there is no substance behind it.

I’m excited to see where this goes from here but I’d like to find a more rooted basis for Rollins actions than being the messiah.

24/7 Title

Backstage we find The Hurt Business consisting of MVP and Lashley encounter 24/7 Champion R-Truth. MVP says that he wants the 24/7 Champion to accompany them to the ring. R-truth declines the offer as he doesn’t want to lose his title. He is attacked from behind by Shelton Benjamin as he is occupied in the conversation.

Shelton Benjamin wins the 24/7 Championship after MVP and Bobby Lashley set up the trap for him to win. Shelton Benjamin accompanies the Hurt Business to the ring.


The 24/7 title in my opinion is the greatest thing in wrestling in WWE right now. I don't care if it might feel overdone. Every time there is a title change a huge pop comes out of me as if the WWE Championship is switching hands. Every time it happens it draws out huge emotions form me as well, which is the point of professional wrestling.

Reports are floating around saying that Ric Flair wants in on the 24/7 Title picture. I couldn't have thought of a better person to get involved. This probably won't happen until COVID dies down in Florida, but it sure is a great idea.

The Hurt Business vs Ricochet, Cedric Alexander and Mustafa Ali

Before the match, MVP cuts a promo about how he is now the new United States Champion. Cedric Alexander and Ricochet enter and cut a dual promo of their own by talking trash about MVP and saying that they will become champions again. MVP believes that Alexander and Ricochet are two little kids that should be sitting in catering. Match coming up next is set to be a 3 on 3 with Ricochet and Alexander needing an extra partner. They were able to find one in the likes of returning superstar, Mustafa Ali. The trio attacks the hurt business before their match.

As the match begins Lashley and the rest of The Hurt Business dominate over Alexander and Ricochet. As action falls outside, Lashley throws Ricochet into the plexiglass. Ali enters on a hot tag and dominates with speed and agility. Ali splashes to the outside to save both Alexander and Ricochet. MVP misses with a big boot inside the ring allowing for Ali to set up and connect with the 450 Splash.

Mustafa Ali and friends are victorious in Ali’s return.


Welcome back, Mustafa Al. Ali is made to look like a superhero here. I like that from him given he can do things athletically that many people can do. He reminds me a lot of John Morrison in his move set and how he flows through the ring.

Also, do you remember the hacker storyline from awhile back? That fell off, hasn’t it? Maybe one day we’ll find out who the real hacker was but odds are that it was a blip in the timeline of the WWE.

Peyton Royce vs Ruby Riott

Peyton Royce of The IIconics makes her way to the ring solo as Billie Kay is doing some IIconic side business. Royce attacks with strong strikes down on the mat. Ruby Riott rolls up Royce but to no avail. Riott reverses a top rope maneuver from Royce and connects with the Riott Kick.

Ruby Riott is victorious over Peyton Royce


I would hate to call this a nothing match but it sort of feels like that at the moment. I’m not sure where Billie Kay is but having Royce do her own thing is not as good compared to when they are together. I’m not the biggest fan of Ruby Riott but I do think she can serve a huge part in developing a strong mid-card for the Women’s division.

Street Profits vs Andrade and Angel Garza

After a short hiatus, the Street Profits return by attacking Andrade and Angel Garza during an interview segment before their match next. Garza and Andrade maliciously attack the Street Profits before as the bell rings to start the match. Montez Ford enters on a hot tag and jumps to the outside landing on Andrade.

Andrade and Garza regain their bearings as they cut the ring in half over Ford. Dawkins enters on a hot tag of his own and dominates over both Garza and Andrade. As the match comes to a close, Ford gets hung up on the top rope but knocks Garza off. Ford lands a frog splash as the final blow.

The Street Profits win in their return.


Welcome back Street Profits. Although they weren’t gone for long, they sure were missed. Congratulations to Angelo Dawkins and his wife on the birth of their first child. Now that the longest-reigning Raw Tag Team Champions in history are back, we have to wonder how long the titles are around their waist. I would like to think until fans return but yet again why would WWE waste all of the potential grown from their push.

Either way, I’m glad to see them back.

Raw Women’s Championship Debacle Looks to be Settled

After the inconclusive ending for the Raw Women’s Champion at Extreme Rules, Sasha Banks and Bayley enter with Banks holding the belt high. Although she isn’t recognized by the WWE as the champion, she wears the belt as if she is and claims to have all the gold.

Asuka enters with Kairi Sane, enraged that Banks holds the belt, calling her a thief. Before the two go to blows, Stephanie McMahon appears on the Titan Tron to announce that the two will have a match next week on Raw to determine the true champion.


Let’s hope there is a definitive end to this. What I’ve noticed is that WWE is using the Pay-Per-Views to try and boost TV ratings when it should be the other way around. The blow-off match shouldn’t be on a Monday night, it should be at the Pay-Per-View. Maybe I’m old-school but that's how I see it.

I’m not sure if I’d go with the same prediction this time around as Banks could truthfully hold the belt as the WWE waits for fans to return. Having their top two Women Stars on both brands could be a band-aid on the ever falling ratings.

Kairi Sane w/ Asuka vs Bayley w/ Sasha Banks

After the debacle, the scheduled match for Raw see’s Smackdown Women’s Champion Bayley takes on Kairi Sane. Action falls outside early as Sane does the Asuka hip attack on Bayley. With Bayley hung up on the top rope, Sane double stomps on Bayley. Banks comes to Bayley’s aid and pulls her out of the ring.

Shayna Basyler watches on backstage. When asked if she has a vested interest in this match she responds yes believing she should be on the card for this episode of Raw. Sane connects with a spinning back fist dropping Bayley. Sane climbs to the top rope and connects with the insane elbow. Bayley breaks the pinfall by placing foot on the bottom rope.

Bayley connects with an elbow drop of her own. Sane slips the Bayley to Belly into a roll-up, 1… 2… 3.

Kairi Sane beats the Smackdown Women's Champion Bayley.


Goodbye Kairi Sane. According to PWInsider, Kairi Sane has had her final appearance in the WWE after her victory over Bayley this week on Raw. Sane is reportedly leaving the company to go back to Japan and spend time with her husband. Sane is leaving on good terms and will be a part of WWE’s extended family. The option is open for her to return to WWE events held in Japan.

This match was great and Sane couldn’t have left on a better note.

Drew McIntyre Accepts A Challenge

Drew McIntyre cuts a promo after his title defense at Extreme Rules. McIntyre hands it to Dolph Ziggler mentioning how he almost had him, almost being the word to describe Dolph Ziggler’s career. McIntyre is now looking forward and wants a worthy opponent. Ziggler enters begging for another match. McIntyre reluctantly accepts the offer as long as he gets to pick the stipulation.


Wow, how imaginative. Reports are flying around that the script for this episode of Raw was ripped up in the morning and rewritten. This was a dud segment for me given this is exactly what happened a month ago with the rolls flipped.

Randy Orton has been rumored as well to be involved with Drew McIntyre and the WWE Championship. Orton might even win the belt as WWE waits for fans to be in attendance. This could be fitting given McIntyre will lose the belt to his first real opponent in his title reign.

Big Show vs Randy Orton - Unsanctioned Match

After weeks of battling through tag teams and tossing harmful words at each other. The Big Show will put his legacy on the line as he faces Randy Orton in an Unsanctioned Match. Randy Orton walks to the ring alone as Ric Flair is nowhere to be found. As the match starts the Big Show attacks early as the giant uses his anger to fuel himself. Strong chops across the chest cripple the legend killer. Big Show connects with a spear and launches Orton out of the ring. Big Show brings a table into the ring as Orton recovers.

Andrade and Angel Garza attack the Big Show from behind as he pushes the table into the ring. The Viking Raiders, allies of The Big Show save the giant by ripping Andrade and Garza off. The two teams fight up the ramp towards the back.

Orton gains the advantage by taking out the legs of Big Show. Orton goes for the punt but is caught and choke slammed. With Orton no prone on the table set up near the corner, the Big Show climbs to the middle rope. Orton slips the splash as the Big Show crashes through the table. Orton connects with the RKO but Big Show kicks out of the pin.

Orton uses a steel chair to level Big Show and connects with a second RKO to win the match.

Randy Orton takes down another legend in an unsanctioned match.

The action isn’t over however as Orton lines Big Show up for the punt kick and connects. Orton leaves the Big Show to waste.


Great match. I was surprised that the Big Show took the number of bumps he did through the match. The Big Show should no be on the shelf as Orton makes way for the WWE Championship, possibly turning from the legend killer to the legend that kills. McIntyre could be his first victim.


This episode of Raw might have not been the best post-Pay-Per-View episode of the year but it had all the pieces. Returns, god matches, and shocking moments all were there but might have not hit the mark like how other episodes were able to do.


  • Seth Rollins Gives His Thoughts to Open Raw

  • Aleister Black vs Seth Rollins w/ Murphy

  • 24/7 Title

  • The Hurt Business vs Ricochet, Cedric Alexander and Mustafa Ali

  • Street Profits vs Andrade and Angel Garza

  • Kairi Sane w/ Asuka vs Bayley w/ Sasha Banks

  • Big Show vs Randy Orton - Unsanctioned Match


  • Peyton Royce vs Ruby Riott

  • Raw Women’s Championship Debacle Looks to be Settled

  • Drew McIntyre Accepts A Challenge

Final Grade: C+

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