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UFC 250: Recap and Grade

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Official UFC 250 poster

UFC 250 took place last night at the UFC APEX facility in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Originally, UFC 250 was booked to take place in Sao Paulo, Brazil on May 9th with the original main event being then UFC Bantamweight champion Henry Cejudo taking on former WEC and UFC Featherweight champion Jose Aldo.

However, due to the Coronavirus pandemic and travel bans that were put in effect due to the pandemic, the UFC had to move all of their future events to the United States. This forced Aldo to pull out of UFC 250 due to travel-related issues.

A fight between the current women's Featherweight and Bantamweight champion, and best pound for pound women’s fighter in the world Amanda Nunes and contender Felicia Spencer, in what was supposed to be the co-main event, became the headliner of UFC 250 as the card was moved to June 6th and relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada at the UFC APEX facility.

The card wasn’t as stacked as UFC 249’s, but it was still something.

So how did UFC 250 turn out?

Well let’s dive right in:

Wineland vs O’Malley

Result: O’Malley by KO Round 1

To start off the main card of UFC 250, we have an interesting bantamweight bout between former WEC Bantamweight champion Eddie Wineland and an up and coming star in the bantamweight division in “Sugar” Sean O’Malley.

O’Malley is coming off a fresh first-round TKO victory against Jose Alberto Quinonez after his six-month suspension from the UFC due to a failed drug test.

In Round 1, we saw a very elusive start to the fight. There was a lot of moving around and both fighters trying to figure each other out early and stay patient. Eddie Wineland landed a right hand early. Moments later, as O’Malley is pressing towards Wineland, he lands a right hook. Moments later, O’Malley fakes out Wineland with an uppercut and connects beautifully with the right hand and knocks Wineland out Cold.

O’Malley set his right hand up perfectly after that left uppercut fake in what might be the best walk-off KO in bantamweight history. He did not even bother following up with the ground and pound.

Look out everyone, the Sugar Show is just getting started. O’Malley is making his mark and is coming for the now vacant UFC Bantamweight championship. This man is the future of the division and the future looks very promising for O’Malley.

So now the question is who will O’Malley fight next and when will he get his shot?

O’Malley now moves to 12-0 with his 8th career KO while Wineland drops to 24-13.

Neil Magny vs Anthony Rocco Martin

Result: Magny by Unanimous Decision

The next fight of the main card is a key welterweight bout between Neil Magny and Anthony Rocco Martin.

The first round started off slow with Rocco Martin trying to grapple and take Magny down, but he failed to take him down. Magny started to move around, landing a few kicks on the left leg of Rocco Martin. However, Rocco Martin shoots for a takedown again and fails as both fighters clinch. The round ended with Magny landing another leg kick.

Personally, I would say Magny took this round in what was a bit of a slow start to the fight.

On to Round 2, both fighters start the round by landing a few shots towards each other. Not the most effective, but still connecting. Rocco Martin then tagged Magny and moments later he would take Magny down. Both fighters however would get back to their feet and get in the clinch again. Back into the middle of the cage they go, Magny continues to press towards Rocco Martin, but both fighters once again end up in the clinch. Rocco Martin attempts a standing Kimura but Magny escapes. Magny would land a right hand, but Rocco Martin would get Magny in the clinch. Magny would get out of the clinch and both fighters would end the round with low leg kicks.

I would still give Round 2 to Rocco Martin in a close one due to the successful takedown.

In the final round of the fight, Magny starts to progress towards Rocco Martin more however Rocco Martin but once again grapple however the fighters would escape Magny would once again continue to press towards him and land a couple of shots he continues to pressure Rocco Martin throughout the round and good parts of the fight.

Magny stays up with Rocco Martin and attempts to take him down which was close but wasn’t successful. Both fighters would still end up in the clinch and would separate from each other. Magny would land a job out of the clinch Magny would land another jab and continue to pressure Rocco Martin.

Both fighters would get in the clinch again and Magny would connect with a few shots. Rocco Martin was running out of gas as Magny continued to pressure and land a few big shots. The fighters would grapple again and Magny would once again land a few shots. Most of the fight was a grappling fight. The fighters pull out from the clinch and Magny would continue to swing and connect. Rocco Martin would connect but Magny would answer. The fighters would clinch to end off the round.

Magny dominated that round.

A close fight from beginning to finish, but in the end, Magny would end up securing his 23rd win by Unanimous Decision over Rocco Martin.

An impressive performance by Magny as the Haitian sensation now moves to 23-7 while Rocco Martin drops to 17-6.

#2 Aljamain Sterling vs #4 Cory Sandagen

Result: Sterling by Submission (Rear naked choke) Round 1

On to another bantamweight bout between two top contenders in the division. This was a crucial fight to potentially determine the number 1 contender for the UFC Bantamweight championship.

This fight didn’t last as long as I thought it would.

At the beginning of the first round, Sterling pressured Sandhagen and attacked him right out of the gate,. He would then tie up in a clinch with Sandhagen and would then take his back and control Sandhagen on the ground. As Sterling took Sandhagen’s back, he got Sandhagen in a rear-naked choke and finished him off quickly.

Sterling, in a very impressive performance in the biggest fight of his career, possibly setting himself up for a shot at the UFC Bantamweight championship.

Sterling now moves to 19-3, while Sandhagen drops to 12-2.

Will the UFC give Sterling the title shot he deserves? We shall see.

#5 Raphael Assuncao vs #9 Cody Garbrandt

Result: Garbrandt by KO Round 2

The co-main event of UFC 250 for a top-five spot in the Bantamweight division. The number five ranked Bantamweight Raphael Assuncao against the former UFC Bantamweight champion and the number nine ranked Bantamweight Cody “No Love” Garbrandt. Both fighters are trying to end their losing streak and get right back in the title race.

Round 1 started off with Cody connecting with leg kick after leg kick. Both fighters would continue to stay patient and move around. Assuncao and Garbrandt would then trade leg kicks as both fighters would then try to land kicks but both kicks would be displaying their defense. Cody would then land another leg kick. Cody would land a beautiful right hand and then duck from Assuncao and avoid a strike connecting to his face. Cody would land a leg kick again and again. Assuncao would swing and miss with his leg kicks to end off a round in which I thought Cody won and looked sharp in.

On to Round 2, Garbrandt would open up the round with ducking his leg back and landing a low leg kick. Garbrandt would then land a high roundhouse kick. Assuncao would answer with a low kick. But Cody would answer back with another leg kick and a kick to the midsection as Assuncao leg and midsection started to look beaten up. Assuncao would land with a decent right hand. Cody would soon land a clean right hand that initially dropped Garbrandt. Assuncao, who looked like he was having a better round up until the end of the round.


Garbrandt ducks and lands a beautiful haymaker. A sickening right hook that knocked Assuncao out cold in what is one of the cleanest KO’s you will ever see. A bang to end off the round and a crucial victory for the former UFC Bantamweight champion as he now gets himself back in the title race and gets the top-five spot in the division, a spot that is well deserved after a performance like this.

Garbrandt snaps a three-fight losing streak and moves to 12-3 while Assuncao gets knocked out of the top five (no pun intended) and drops to 27-8 and his losing streak now moves to three fights.

Who will Cody Garbrandt fight next? What is next for Assuncao?

Nunes (c) vs Spencer

Result: Nunes by Unanimous Decision

ITS TIME. The main event of UFC 250 for the Women’s Featherweight championship.

Arguably, the greatest women's fighter in UFC history, the defending Featherweight champion Amanda Nunes against the unranked challenger from Montreal, Canada Felicia Spencer.

To start off the first round, Felicia Spencer lands a decent punch however Amanda Nunes would answer and then land with the leg kick. Nunes would then connect with a right hand. However, Spencer, unlike the other fighters Nunes has fought in the past, takes a shot well and keeps herself composed.

Nunes would then get in a clinch with Spencer, but Nunes would land a wizard kick and take down Spencer. Nunes tries to take the back and get Spencer in a rear-naked choke early, but Spencer begins to move around and avoid Nunes taking the back and getting herself into a rear-naked choke. Nunes would keep the pressure going from the top going in the first round as Nunes would land some vicious elbows. A perfect start for the champ as the first round comes to an end.

As the second round starts with Spencer having a cut on her scalp. Nunes would land a nice right hand on Spencer. Nunes would connect with a jab, but Nunes would answer and display her beautiful technique and power. Nunes would then again take down the challenger and land more vicious elbows. Nunes would allow Spencer to get back up and shortly after would land a leg kick. The second round would come to an end with Nunes not breaking a single sweat as she continues to control the pace and action of this fight.

On to round 3, not as fast of a start as the first two rounds, but Nunes would connect and knock Spencer’s mouthpiece out of her mouth. Nunes would continue to press towards Spencer and connect with strike after strike. Nunes would connect with a beautiful combo consisting of a right hand, an uppercut and a kick. She would then land another jab and a nasty right hook. Nunes would continue to pour it on and show off her amazing power and conditioning as she ends off the round with a beautiful spinning elbow. Another round for the champion as she is looking flawless in this fight.

As we move into the championship rounds, Nunes begins to connect with everything she’s got. Nunes continues to land leg kicks and Spencer's legs are looking beat up and ready to give out on her. Nunes would then land a beautiful spinning back kick and take Spencer down with a nice leg sweep as she is just dominating Spencer round after round. Nunes would then continue to land the nasty leg kicks and keep on connecting with all of her punches. Nunes would then get Spencer on the ground and nearly choke her out, but the bell would save Spencer. However, another round for the champion as she looks like she is going to run away with this one. Respect to Spencer for staying up and taking all the shots like a champion,

The fifth and final round, It’s shocking that Herb Dean, the best ref in the business, did not stop this fight because it was just going to get worse for Spencer. Nunes gets on top of Spencer as Spencer fails to take Nunes down yet again and just looks so beat up and tired. Nunes continues to pound Spencer on the ground but Spencer would refuse to go down like this. Nunes would then allow Spencer to stand up and Herb Dean would then call a timeout to check on Spencer. Despite the fight being practically over and looking all messed up from the damage she’s taken from Nunes, Spencer showed her heart and toughness and told her corner she’s ok and decided to continue and finish out the fight. Nunes would take down Spencer one more time as the fight would come to an end. Another round for the champion and another dominant performance.

Nunes would be awarded the much deserved Unanimous Decision victory as she continues to build on her resume with another successful title defense in the books. Nunes became the first-ever double champ to successfully defend both of her titles.

After the fight, Nunes would display her great class and respect to Spencer as she would shake her hand, hug her, let her hold the belt for a bit, and tell her how tough she was.

Nunes now moves to 20-4 grabbing her 11th straight win while Spencer drops to 8-2.

Now the question rises for Amanda Nunes who does she fight next and where does Felicia Spencer go from here?

Grade: B+

Although this card was not as good or will come as close to UFC 249, this was still a great card. Considering the bouts looked on paper and how they turned out Saturday night, I was very impressed. UFC 250 surpassed all expectations even with the card being moved. Despite not having as many big fights as UFC 249, UFC 250 was still worth watching and witnessing.

UFC 250 went better than what I originally anticipated. As the show went on, I just kept on being blown away by all the stunning finishes and performances with the exception of the Magny fight, which was decent, but not as exciting compared to the other fights on the main card.

The UFC delivers once again and it makes me more excited to see what UFC 251 and UFC 252 have in store for us fight fans.

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