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The 2020 Draft's Most Over-looked Prospect

Updated: Mar 14

Cleveland, Ohio -- The NFL Draft is vastly approaching us and there is a lot of eye-catching talent in this draft. You got the Joe Burrows, the Chase Youngs, you get it.

However, there is one man above all. By far, the best and the most talented player in the draft. The guys want to be him and the ladies want to be with him.

Whoever picks this man, you might as well say you won the draft... or the Super Bowl...Yeah that’s more like it.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the best player in this draft, RODRIGO BLANKENSHIP, Kicker, University of Georgia

Rodrigo Blankenship (via Reddit)

That’s right. A KICKER.

Let’s start off with those goggles he wears. I mean seriously just stunning. Simply Breathtaking.

Anyone who wears goggles in sports turns out to be a stud.

Kareem Abdul-Jabaar, Horace Grant, Eric Dickerson, Michael Phelps, James Worthy, Hakeem Olajuwon, Jesse Pollock, Edgar Davids. Add Blankenship to that list.

Blankenship and his signature goggles. (via SI)

He’s got the goggles and he’s got the leg.

Just look at that pinpoint accuracy.

So clutch.

His accuracy is as good as Messi’s penalty taking.

And look at that leg strength.

Rodrigo kicks a ball further than Mahomes can throw. Chicks dig the kicks and Rodrigo has it.

Oh and if you thought that was enough, he could even throw.

Blankenship sending one down the field (via USA Today)

Oh my, such form.

He can kick and throw

Name another player who can do it better than Blankenship, YOU CAN’T.

Just look at him, if this doesn’t make you want to draft him, then what are you doing?

This smells like a Super Bowl Champion, he has GOAT written all over him. Rodrigo is the best all-around player and an absolute stud in the making.

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