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Money in the Bank 2020 Review

The risk is worth the reward. The most unique Money in the Bank Pay-Per-View of all time sees the Monday Night Messiah Seth Rollins take on Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship. Bray Wyatt challenges Braun Strowman for the Universal Championship.

The women’s division sees Tamina challenge Bayley for the WWE Smackdown’s Women’s Championship. The New Day defends their Smackdown Tag Team Championship against The Forgotten Sons, Miz & Morrison and Lucha House Party in a fatal four-way tag team matchup.

Pay-Per-View action on 1306 so let's jump right into it.

Note: Match descriptions won't be as in-depth given it is a Pay-Per-View.

Pre-Show: Jeff Hardy vs Cesaro

The kickoff show for Money in the Bank gets underway with the returning Jeff Hardy competing in his first match back after recovering from injury and personal issues.

Both Cesaro and Hardy go at it for about 10 minutes with action in and out of the ring. The match ends with Hardy landing his pattened Swanton Bomb onto the prone Cesaro.


Welcome back, Jeff Hardy… again. Hardy still has flashes of his former self. Do I expect him to flip off the top of the Performance Center? No, but he still put together a run of the mill Jeff Hardy match. I am also glad that this wasn’t against Sheamus, a blowoff match on the kickoff show never goes over well in my eyes.

New Day (c) vs Miz & Morrison vs Lucha House Party vs The Forgotten Sons - Smackdown Tag Team Championship

The end of this match sees Lucha House Party take control but interference from The Forgotten Sons changes the momentum towards the end. Big E and Kofi become the aggressors taking down the Lucha House Party. A Big Ending from Big-E plants Gran Metalik for the pin and victory.

The New Day retain their tag team gold.


A fun match to start Money in the Bank. Although I had The Forgotten Sons winning, anyone could’ve come out of this match with the belts. I must’ve underrated Lucha House Party’s ability because they put on a great show.

I would’ve liked to have the Miz get pinned again to establish his weak-link status within the tag team. It also looks like we aren’t going to see a tag team vs tag team rivalry, which has usually been par for the course for the past few years with all the tag teams feuding with each other with no other motive but the belts.

R-Truth vs Bobby Lashley

I believe this match was supposed to be on the kickoff show alongside the Jeff Hardy and Cesaro match. Somehow it moved it’s way up the card to match number 2 of the night.

After MVP makes his entrance Boob Lashley interrupts R-Truth and MVP’s argument about what “Ballin” is. Bobby Lashley gives MVP the night off and the match is underway.

The match doesn’t go long as R-Truth puts up some offense. Lashley handles the veteran and spears him down to the mat for the victory.


I couldn’t tell you the last time we’ve seen R-Truth competing in the ring and not everyplace else besides it for the 24/7 championship but I’m glad to see him compete at the level he did. It seems like he hasn’t missed a beat running the ropes and is athletic as ever.

A question that pops into mind now is if R-Truth is a future WWE Hall of Famer? Crazy question when you first think about it but R-Truth might be the greatest modern-day jobber of all time.

Lashley joining sides with MVP could mean one of two things. Either Lashley joins MVP to start a new faction in the WWE or Lashley goes back to flipping large tires in the Performance Center gym. The rumor mill says the former so let's hope it's not the latter.

Bayley (c) w/ Sasha Banks vs Tamina - Smackdown’s Women’s Championship

This match came to be after Tamina beat Bayley’s best friend Sasha Banks after Bayler put a title shot on the line if Tamina won. Bayley and Bank’s relationship has been shaky, however, ever since Bayley cost Banks her Money in the Bank ladder match opportunity. Tamina has consistently been involved with all of Bayley’s TV time, climaxing when Tamina super kicked Bayley after Banks lost to Lacey Evans.

As the championship bout winds down, Tamina drops Bayley with a superkick and Samoan drop. The pinfall is interrupted by Banks as she slides into the ring catching the eye of both Tamina and the official. Banks is chased outside the ring and is followed back in. Tamina is unphased by Bayley striking from behind and attempts another Samoan drop.

Bayley rolls up Tamina for the three-count to retain the title.


I’m a little disappointed in this match honestly. Tamina had a great showing but failed to bring in the title even after my predicted Banks interference. This doesn’t justify Banks losing her Money in the Bank opportunity because of Bayley. Even if Bayley won the match it needed to be because Banks almost lost it for her.

I didn’t see a progression of the story here and now wonder where this could lead.

Braun Strowman (c) vs Bray Wyatt - Universal Championship

Wyatt throughout the build towards Money in the Bank has asked Strowman multiple times to join him again. Wyatt has even gone to the lengths of offering Strowman the black sheep mask that Strowman wore back in his days with the Wyatt Family.

The last few minutes of the match sees Braun Strowman gets tossed to the outside and stumble toward the apron as the official starts the 10 count. As Strowman lifts his head above the apron he is shown wearing the black sheep’s mask that he once wore with the Wyatt family.

An ecstatic Bray Wyatt opens his arms and drops to his knees to welcome back his sheep. Strowman takes off his mask, stomps on it and hits Wyatt with a running powerbomb.

Strowman retains his Universal Championship.


This is being booked in the right direction. Wyatt put up enough fight to deserve a rematch that I hope ends at Extreme Rules with The Fiend taking on Stroman for the title. I forget how strong Wyatt is sometimes because he is hidden behind the screen of the Firefly Funhouse and the red sweater he dawns during his matches.

This not only was a victory for Strowman when it comes to the scorecard but also breaks him out of his shell character-wise. Strowman is no longer tethered to the past as he stomps it out of existence. Let’s hope his mic skills can follow suit.

Drew McIntyre (c) vs Seth Rollins - WWE Championship

The Monday Night Messiah has had his eyes set on the WWE Championship since Drew McIntyre’s victory at Wrestlemania over Brock Lesnar. Rollins has continued week in and week out to insult the leadership of McIntyre. Rollins doesn’t want to do this McIntyre but he has to in order restore the belt to its true home.

Before the bell tolls, Seth Rollins enters with new music which is more representative of his Messiah gimmick. Gone are the days of burning it down.

The final action sees McIntyre down with Seth Rollins looking to attempt another curb stomp. McIntyre sees this and reverses into a Glasgow Kiss. This bounces Rollins of the ropes to recover and hit McIntyre with a superkick. McIntyre bounces off the ropes himself and connects the Claymore Kick. 1… 2… 3.

Drew McIntyre retains the WWE Championship.


This went as expected. A back and forth match that saw the babyface win. As I talked about in the predictions article I can see McIntyre holding the title for the foreseeable future given the lack of marquee talent.

I think McIntyre faces a different opponent for Extreme Rules but I’m not sure who yet. Possibly Kevin Owens if he recovers from his ankle injury that occurred back at Wrestlemania.

Men’s and Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match

The competitors for the men include Daniel Bryan, Rey Mysterio, Aleister Black, King Corbin, Otis and AJ Styles. The competitors for the women include Asuka, Shayna Baszler, Nia Jax, Dana Brooke, Lacey Evans and Carmella.

The most unique Money in the Bank ladder match held its end of the bargain as each floor saw a different memorable moment. The ground floor saw Asuka launch herself onto her opponents down below and take the elevator up. The men in the gym ended with AJ Styles stuck underneath a barbell stacked with plates. King Corbin breaks a mirror in the gym, this results in bad luck for seven years.

As superstars pass through the hallway the first guest makes their appearance as Brother Love exits the bathroom stall with his classic quote, “I Love You”.

Dana Brooke thought she won the Money in the Bank as she grabs the briefcase in the conference room. Stephanie McMahon tells her that the real briefcase is on the roof.

Food makes a large appearance in this match as Otis slams a pie into the face of John Laurinaitis riding his famous scooter. A food fight breaks out with Paul Heyman caught in the middle.

AJ Styles gets flashbacks of being buried alive as he enters what appears to be Undertaker’s haunted office space.

That wouldn’t be the first time AJ Styles finds himself in the wrong room as he and Daniel Bryan brawl their way into Vince McMahon’s office before being quickly kicked out.

As action heads to the roof, Asuka stops Nia Jax and Lacey Evans from obtaining the briefcase. Asuka reaches but is stopped by King Corbin. Asuka tosses him aside and unhooks the briefcase.

Asuka wins the Women's Money in the Bank ladder match.

Unlike the Women, most of the Men make it up to the roof. This doesn’t last long however as King Corbin launches both Rey Mysterio and Aleister Black off the roof of the Headquarters. As AJ Styles and King Corbin sit atop the ladder fighting for the briefcase they manage to get it unhooked.

Elias, who isn’t in this match, hits Corbin with his guitar. The briefcase to release from Corbins hands and AJ Styles can’t manage to control the briefcase as it falls to into the hands of Otis.

Otis is the winner of the Men’s Money in the Bank ladder match.


I should’ve thought harder about my predictions. McMahon has wanted feel-good stories on-screen since Wrestlemania. Fan favorites were picked to win both the Men’s and Women's Money in the Bank briefcases. It also makes sense that a Smackdown representative and Raw representative each win.

This most likely spells the end for Heavy Machinery as Otis moves into a singles role. Rumors are floating around making the point that this could be a Mr. Kennedy type of win and Otis will lose the briefcase down the line. Otis holding the Universal Championship… I doubt it.

I understand throwing Rey Mysterio off the roof while they restructure his contract, but Aleister Black hurts me more than you can imagine. All the potential in the world is tossed off the roof and possibly tossed off television for a long time coming. This either could be because of COVID-19 social distancing reasons and not wanting to work or a gimmick change that would enhance the “dead” character we see now.

Although both of my predictions were wrong I can see the logic behind both winners.


The most unique Money in the Bank Pay-Per-View didn’t see any title changes which is a bummer in my eyes. Fan favorites did win the briefcases so that is plus for me there. The cameos from the past also helped.


  • New Day (c) vs Miz & Morrison vs Lucha House Party vs The Forgotten Sons - Smackdown Tag Team Championship

  • Braun Strowman (c) vs Bray Wyatt - Universal Championship

  • Drew McIntyre (c) vs Seth Rollins - WWE Championship

  • Men’s and Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match


  • R-Truth VS Bobby Lashley (Should’ve been in Pre-Show)

  • Bayley (c) w/ Sasha Banks vs Tamina - Smackdown’s Women’s Championship (Wrong winner)

Final Grade: C+

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