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Basketball star to tryout for the NBA

As May is coming to an end, sports is slowly but steadily coming back. There have been talks regarding the NBA possibly having a plan to resume their season and what playoff format they are going to use if they return to play.

While the future of the 2019-20 NBA season has been uncertain and NBA players have been quarantined, there is one individual that has been grinding and trying to get into the NBA. This man is trying to make a name for himself and to have a spot on the starting lineup wherever he goes.

That man is Clarence Javelli aka Flightreacts.


Now you might be asking yourselves who is Flight and what is this about?

Flightreacts is a 24 year old Youtuber from Washington D.C. Flight is known for making reaction videos whether it was on an athlete or just him playing video games.

Flight is also a huge Basketball fan and has a very high basketball IQ.

I mean just hear Flight drop straight facts and display his knowledge in basketball. So beautiful.

Flight’s great sense of the game is just what basketball needs and it has led to his grind lately on the court.

Recently, Flight has been practicing and been playing 1 vs 1’s with Mikey Williams.

During the 1 vs 1, Flight displayed his great basketball skills and showed us what he is made of and with June vastly approaching, be on the lookout.

First of all let’s look at this drive to the basket by Flight and the sick finish.

As you can see, Flight drives to the basket and has an open lane. As he drives towards the basket, he starts to take flight (no pun intended) and slams it home.

Next up, his defense. I mean just look at the way. He goes up for the block against Mikey and just stuffs him at the rim.

Not only does he stuff him, but he takes a charge. Sacrificing his body and putting everything on the line. It's just unfortunate that no one was there to call the offensive foul on Mikey.

If you thought Flight couldn’t or doesn’t have a jump shot, then you thought wrong.

Flight dribbles past Mikey Williams, turns around and hits a nasty fadeaway. Flight really might have the nastiest jump shot let alone fadeaway in the game. Just look at that form and that release. Simply breathtaking. Such a smooth shot which found a way to fall into the basket.

Last but not least, not only is he a great two way player. He could even ref basketball games better than the officials themselves.

Flight gives such a great analysis of the play and where the foul occurred. As he breaks down what happened, he shows that although it is unintentional, it is still a foul. The way Mikey landed on Flight’s ankle draws some similarities to the Kawhi Leonard injury against the Warriors in Game 1 of the 2017 Western Conference finals when Zaza landed on Kawhi’s ankle and injured Kawhi.

This could have been a career ending injury, but unlike Kawhi, Flight is a different breed and a much tougher breed. Flight kept on playing through the pain.

If anyone thinks he is too soft or just making excuses, then you don’t know basketball and you’ve probably never watched nor play basketball.

That right there is the heart of a champion. You can’t teach heart and that is what Flight has. He plays through the pain. He is determined and motivated to make it to the NBA, become a star, lead whatever team he goes to and win some championships, and become the greatest of all time.

If Flight keeps on grinding on and off the court and stays motivated, then it is over for the NBA. Flight is going to put the whole league on notice.

If your team is down by 1 with the game on the line and they need a stop or even a game winner, who do you give the ball to Lebron or MJ?

Neither because you give it to flight. Flight is the most clutch player I’ve ever seen. When the ball is in his hands, it’s game over.

Best fit:

Now you might be wondering and asking where could Flight go and where would he fit in?

The answer is the Golden State Warriors.

Flight has been a Golden State Warriors fan for a long time and his favorite player Steph Curry.

Flight has looked up too and has always been inspired by Steph Curry.

Flight admiring Curry’s greatness

I believe not only pairing Steph Curry would be a dream come true for Flight, but the duo would be lethal. Both individuals are sharpshooters who would have great chemistry and would provide a significant boost to the Warriors offense and defense.

This would bring the Warriors back from the bottom of the league to the top for a long time. This has the potential of another warriors dynasty.

Not to mention, Flight and Curry would be alongside Draymond Green, Andrew Wiggins, whoever they pick in this year’s draft, and Klay Thompson. What a squad this would be. This squad would be better than the 72-10 bulls and 73-9 warriors team.

I wouldn’t like to see another Warriors dynasty, but this team would be fun to watch and it is honestly Flight’s best fit.

Brace yourselves NBA.

We might be seeing the emergence of a generational talent right in front of our eyes.

Whoever signs flight, can guarantee themselves an NBA championship and a special player.

It still might be May, but June is right around the corner and that means Flight season is upon us.

Stop sleeping on Flight.

Flight team stand up!

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